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Online: 31 de Janeiro de 2017, 18:31:48
When you see well you don’t see your eyes, when you hear well you don’t hear your ears, you see and hear unaware of your own eyes and ears. But if you see spots on your vision or if you have tinnitus, than you are aware of your eyes and ears because they are getting in the way of your vision and hearing, meaning your vision and hearing is not as good.

On the deepest level, a person as a whole can get in the way of their own existence by becoming too aware of themselves, lacking their quality then. Like when I play guitar well when on my own, but I can’t help making several mistakes when paying guitar if there is somebody watching me playing, because the spectator makes me aware of myself. So I am there, blocking my own way, by looking at me doing what I am doing, following instructions in my head on how to play it right and how to make it sounds good, but the result is the opposite.

The quality of not being in your own way is what we see from some artists, working on their art in a state of a wave, not even thinking about or how they are doing what they do, but just doing it, following no instruction or rules. When we see such artists we feel it because it feels and looks pure, natural, freely as if the artist is unaware of themselves and as if unaware of anybody else who may be watching, giving the impression they are playing for no audience and no gallery, just like a baby playing or dancing. Or even deeper, as if a natural force from who knows where is passing through the artist and expressing itself, for no reason at all but only being itself.

This is why tribal and ancient rituals are usually celebrated with dance and music display, from which they believed that God or any other spirit could be seen from the dancer and musician in trance state. Then the dancer and musician is not there any more, what the public believed to see was God and they shouted god’s name. This is why we hear people shouting “ole” during flamenco dance and flamenco music display, which many believe it comes from the Arabic “Allah” meaning God. They brought such tradition to Spain when the Moors, an Islamic tribe from north Africa, invaded and dominated Spain for about 500 years during middle age.

So we are the best of ourselves when we are not in our own way. We can actually say when we operate as if we are not there, so it is not our act but the cosmic act leading us. Because every thing that you experience in the extension of your senses field is a state of your brain. Electric imposes from the external world.

Alan Watts said, if you want to see what is inside of your head keep your eyes open. Because everything outside your head in actually your brain interpretation of what your senses catch. We could say that our brain creates what we believe to be the reality outside our head. What we see outside is actually inside our head, is what you feel inside your head as if the outside is your brain itself.

This mean the emptiness of one head is the condition of seeing. “Because my eyes have no colours, it is able to decent colours”. Meaning, being absent is the condition of being present. You and everything else as one and nothing between, like an artist operating his tools as being part of their own body.

When your belt and shoes are conformable you don’t feel them, as if you aren’t wearing them, or as if they are part of your own body as one piece. On the other hand, the more aware you are about your belt and shoes, the less properly they are made or the less they fit.

But this comes with an abjection:
If I don’t know I am there, I may be missing something.
We want to know what we know. If you are happy and you don’t know it you are happy then you might just as well not be happy. To be happy and know it is what we want. On the other hand, you can be miserable and not know you are miserable.

More than being happy, if it is not happiness itself, what we all want to do is to dance as if there was no audience, not even ourselves, so we can be free and natural, like a baby or an artist in peace with themselves, because they are not there, empty of themselves and fulfilled with the world as one.

This demands trust your own mind. If you don’t, you keep aware of yourself and walking around in opposite direction of yourself. Most people don’t trust their mind because they feel if they are not there, something may happen to them.

When human beings developed the cortex over the original brain, becoming aware of themselves (to know that you know), they felt from their own grace, feeling the sensation of being in charge and control of themselves, which you only have when you are aware of what you are doing. Then, they got anxious worried if they are enough aware of themselves or missing something. “Have I take enough facts in consideration?”, “Have I done all that should be done?”. Like this they started troubling.

When you are aware of yourself you act. Act to see yourself the way you want be seen by yourself and everybody else. You become your on actor and spectator. With a highly developed cortex every thing is a big act and every body wear phones (ancient theatre Greek mask made in a shape in order to amplifies the actor voice).

When you are not in your on way you don’t choose, you just do because you know already what to do without thinking about, since you can see everything with nothing between.

​People talk about the freedom of choice, but in a whole choice doesn’t mean freedom but hesitation. If you have to choose it is because you are hesitating. If you know what to do you don’t choose but simply do. Just like an artist playing without thinking about what they are doing but just doing. Not looking outside but inside and therefore everything.