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Entrevista com o CEO da OM Digital: Shigemi Sugimoto

OM Digital CEO Shigemi Sugimoto shared this info during the Q&A with

Not only cameras, but all products announced in the future, including IC recorders and binoculars, will bear the name of OM SYSTEM.

“We are determined to continue to provide a unique customer experience.”

We will “continue to bring out epoch-making products to the world” while balancing the development of hardware and algorithms. It was also announced that the development of new camera products is in the final stages.

Key focus will be on: Dust-proof and drip-proof mechanism, dust reduction system, small size and light weight, image stabilization.

For new products to be released in the future, lens caps and straps will also be engraved with OM SYSTEM.
André Sena

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