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Relato do fotógrafo de animais Patrik StaneK
(vejam se as imagens no fim do artigo, justificam a decisão do autor   :ponder: ;))


"For the past few years I have contended that FF (fullframe SLR) is the best option possible for animal photography. I was pretty satisfied with my set of D810 + 300mm f2.8 VRII (4,7kg weight) and I cannot say that there is anything wrong with it.

In the course of time, as I have started to provide more courses, where during the weekend I walk even 30km with a backpack full of photography equipment, and after I have been to Borneo in march with Petr Bambousek, where I have seen Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II for the first time in action in the rainforest, I started to slowly think about it.
One will say to himself, that such a good photographer as Petr will not change from basically the same equipment as I had (Canon only) to digital camera with 3/4 chip for no reason. Of course, at the beginning I did not trust this solution mainly because of the texture and noise on higher ISO, which has to be displayed, whether we want or not, because of the chip size.
After returning from Borneo, where I had the opportunity to see how often Petr takes photos with focal point 300mm (with crop 600mm) from hand with times such as 1/50s and that he manages to do for example 1-2 sec exposition on the water in the stream without any problems, my thinking about the switchover to this equipment started to be even stronger.
Of course I have borrowed Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II 2x for 14 days directly from Olympus (thank you again for willingness) and I have tried all of the possibilities that it offers. I have compared the texture and noise with my Nikon and I have tried various types of photographing, fast continual focus, night photos (Olympus has the advantage of live preview of the exposed photo, so you can precisely see what will be on the night photo right on the display so you can stop the photo exposure in the right moment in which you like the photo) and other features that I will describe below..."

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