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Online: 23 de Maio de 2007, 19:48:00
Alguém com a Canon 30D tem alguma configuração específica de Picture Style? Li alguns textos dizendo que o interessante era só mexer no Sharpness e que alterar o contraste, color tone e saturação não traz benefício.

Bom, tenho  configurado o Sharpness em 4 pontos (acho que no Landscape tb está assim), aumentei em 1 ponto o contrase e o color tone. Tenho tido bons resultados.

Alguém aqui tem alguma sugestão?

Estou colando um texto de um fórum de um usuário Canon falando sobre matéria publicada na POPPHOTO e sua experiência e de outros usuários:

I was reading Popular Photography, which is like telling wine lovers I was drinking White Zinfandel - I know, but I get it for free. Anyway, there was a very interesting sentence in their review of the 30D when they were discussing Picture Styles...

Basically, upping the contrast or saturation can negatively impact color rendition. Upping the sharpness will increase resolution, but at a very slight increase in image noise.

The 'negative' impact on color accuracy was interesting to me. From when I purchased the camera a month or so ago, I played with Picture Styles and forgot that I had adjusted contrast and saturation upward by 1 from "standard." Forgetting this, and being an avid gardner, I started taking numerous pictures of various flowers. To my dissapointment, any flowers pink, red, salmon, purple, etc; were coming out with very poor colors.

Since then I've moved to "neutral" with an adjustment of 1 in sharpness. Much better. I'll post some samples as soon as I can (I'm working).

The only 'bummer' is that the image on my LCD is *not* impressive, and that my RAW images need more tweaking now. I think I'll have to change Styles for family snapshots and so forth, just to cut down on the post processing.

I've also read, somewhere, that the differences in Styles is not based only on the componensts of 'saturation,' 'contrast,' etc. For example, "sharpness" made to appear like "neutral" still will not look the same. Is there something special about neutral?

Do you use styles, or pay attention to them? See any problems? Have a personal styles configuration that you like to use?


texto: LINK

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Resposta #1 Online: 27 de Maio de 2007, 23:06:55
Ta ai uma discussao interessante, alterei tambem meu picture style em alguns pontos como contraste e saturacao, alguem tem algo a falar sobre o assunto com base em algo concreto?
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