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Online: 20 de Junho de 2007, 04:13:44
Pessoal que tem a K10d, alguém aí atualizou o filmware? Vcs viram se tem necessidade, ou se é vantajoso?


Version 1.20

    * Added the required programming for compatability with the Pentax Remote Assistant 3 software.

Version 1.11

    * Improved multiple exposure function when shooting in RAW.
    * Corrected an issue with luminescence control and trailing shutter curtain sync when using the built-in flash.

Version 1.10 (CLICK HERE for a PDF containing more details on v1.10 changes):

    * Using the camera's built-in flash, you can now wirelessly control external Pentax flashes. Previously, you needed an accessory flash mounted in your camera's hot shoe, but now the built-in flash can act as a control flash.
    * In autofocus select mode, you can program the AF button to instantly return to the center autofocus point.
    * In Tv or Av mode, you can now program the second e-dial to adjust your ISO setting.
    * In any exposure mode except Sv and TAv, you can change your ISO setting with the front e-dial while pressing the OK button. The camera will display your ISO in the viewfinder and on the top LCD panel as you adjust your setting.
    * In TAv mode, you can program the green button to return to the camera's program line. Previously this functionality was only available in M mode.
    * You now have additional options for programming your e-dials in P mode.
    * Pressing the green button while adjusting flash exposure compensation will now return you to the default value.
    * Corrected an issue in some rare cases where a long exposure might produce a vertical stripe.
    * Corrected an issue where the battery charge indicator would sometimes show empty in bulb exposure mode.


    * You will need a blank, formatted memory card with a capacity of 16MB or higher.
    * You will need your camera's USB cable, or a memory card reader.
    * Make sure your battery is fully charged, or that you are using an optional AC adapter to prevent power interruptions during the update process.
    * Make sure your camera currently has firmware version 1.00 through 1.11. Before starting the update, you can check your current firmware version by turning the camera on while holding down the MENU button.


   1. Click the Windows link below to download the self-extracting firmware archive file (k10e120w.EXE). Click SAVE to save the download file to your computer's hard drive. Saving it to your desktop, for example, will make it easy to find after the download is complete. Please note: this download file is not the firmware update file itself, but a compressed archive that must be expanded in the following step.
   2. Next, double click the download file to expand it. Once expanded, you will see a readme text file (README.TXT) and the firmware update file itself (FWDC162B.BIN). The readme file contains instructions similar to what you are reading on this page.
   3. You must now copy the firmware update file (FWDC162B.BIN) to your camera's memory card. When you connect the camera directly to your computer (or if you use a card reader), the memory card appears as a removable disk drive in the My Computer window. Make sure you are using a blank/formatted memory card, then drag & drop (or copy & paste) the firmware update file (FWDC162B.BIN) from the desktop to your removable disk window, which is the camera's memory card. Please note: You must put the firmware update file (FWDC162B.BIN) directly onto the removable disk; it cannot be in any sub-folders. It must be on the top (or root) level of the removable disk.
   4. Now that you have copied the firmware update file (FWDC162B.BIN) to your camera's memory card, you are ready to install it. Make sure your camera is turned off and disconnected from the computer. Make sure that the memory card containing the firmware update file is inserted into your camera. Also, make sure you that you have adequate power in your camera. We recommend you use a Pentax AC adapter to perform the firmware update, but if you do not have a Pentax AC adapter, make certain that your battery has a full charge.
   5. To begin the update, turn your camera on while holding down the MENU button. If you have followed the above instructions precisely, the camera will begin to load the new firmware. You will see the message "NOW LOADING" then the camera will display the firmware update menu.
   6. Select "YES" using your camera's 4-way controller (the default is "NO") then press your camera's OK button.
   7. The camera will now update its firmware. This may take a couple of minutes, so be careful to not interrupt the process.
   8. When the update is complete, you will see "COMPLETE" on your camera's LCD screen. Turn the camera off and remove the memory card.
   9. With the memory card removed from the camera, check your new firmware version by turning the camera back on while holding down the MENU button. Before you begin to take pictures again, be sure to format your memory card to erase the firmware update file.

Canon 6D / Canon 24-104 f/4 / Pentax K10d / Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 / Pentax 18-55 / Pentax 50-200.
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