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Online: 22 de Abril de 2012, 12:32:14
Ao pessoal que quer alguns recursos a mais no Iphone 4/4S

Chegou um programa interessante: 645 PRO

645 PRO Specifications
Mode    Aperture-priority Program AE
Aperture    Hardware-dependent, fixed:
f/2.4 on iPhone 4S
f/2.8 on iPhone 4
Shutter    Standard Mode: 1/15 sec to <1/1000 sec
Night Mode: 1 sec to <1/1000 sec

Focus    Auto, lockable, manual POI support
Exposure    Auto, lockable, center-weighted
Metering Modes    Spot or multi-zone, selectable
ISO    Hardware-dependent:
64-800 on iPhone 4S
80-1000 on iPhone 4
Shutter/ISO readout    Real-time
Histogram    256-level, real-time
White balance    Auto, lockable
Shutter release button    Two-stage:
1. temporary AE/AF lock
2. shutter release
Focal length    Hardware-dependent:
4.3mm on iPhone 4S
3.85mm on iPhone 4
Zoom    2X digital
Flash    Manual control (on/off)
Self timer    Adjustable, 1-99 sec
Viewfinder    Live Preview (shows Film Modes) or standard
Focusing screens    Cross-hairs, architectural grid, Rule of Thirds grid
Spirit level    Yes, in spot metering area-of-interest
Film Modes    3 B&W, 4 Color—true "film look"
(RAW output bypasses processing)
Image ratio    5 swappable backs, from 6x6 (1:1) to 6x17 (2.83:1)
Appearance    2 swappable bodies: Classic & Rosso
Development    HI-quality JPEG (±1.0 MB)
MAX-quality JPEG (4.5–11.5 MB)
option to save dRAW data* (5-8 MB TIFF w/lossless LZW compression)

JPEGs saved to Camera Roll
TIFFs saved to app directory (for iTunes File Sharing)
Image review    Camera Roll
Sharing    Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail

Tenho que dizer que fiquei impressionado, no iphone 4 não tem algumas funções, mas ele faz um ótimo trabalho!

E o melhor, custa apenas $2.99.
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